Home Topics Real Estate Inman Connect Now from February was one for your notebooks

Inman Connect Now from February was one for your notebooks

During the day and the meetings, the takeaways came one after the other. Big food stalls. Market-relevant strategies that are constantly adapting and changing.

Here are my personal insights and some from our Collaborative Community Notes document. We’ll be back at Spring Forward on March 16th, so don’t miss out on the next round of strategies! (Do you see what i did there?)

Session: Engaging Your Remote Team Efficiently – Top Tips and Tricks

Speakers: Gino Caropreso and Ida Fields from Corcoran Group

Biggest challenge: keep your team consistently engaged and build culture

  • TEAM = T – trunk (top customers, sphere, agents), E – your online network, A – partner, M – money partner and referral partner.
  • Invite guest speakers to your meetings to open up new perspectives.
  • Develop different workshops (book clubs, work with your community, workshops on abundance, wellness workshops).
  • Enable breakout rooms that don’t have a powerpoint add conversation for engagement.

Session: Building Your Brand: How to Maximize Your Online Footprint – Top Food Stalls

Speakers: Sue “Pinky” Benson from RE / MAX Realty team, Renee Funk from The Funk Collection mediated by eXp Realty and The Gosselin Group, and Liz Vaynerchuk-Novello of prominent real estate Sotheby’s International Realty

Challenge: Build a brand online by being you and creating value.

  • Don’t be a “secret agent”. Don’t be afraid to let people know you’re selling real estate! Just think 80 percent of you and your real estate life and 20 percent of the real estate business.
  • Document versus Create: Don’t worry about content creation. Just document your day, your demonstrations, behind the scenes, prepare entries, funny mishaps, crazy days.
  • Instagram Stories are for storytelling only. Share other small shots that make a cohesive story.
  • Keep your blinders on and just do it.
  • If you’re just starting out with video, just do it. You will build muscle that will make it easier every time.
  • Authenticity is not the same as transparency. You don’t have to share everything! Just be you and be aware of how you want your audience to feel to keep up to date.
  • Go back 10 posts on a social media channel. What would people know about you?
  • If you’re scared, put someone else in the spotlight: a local business, a community member, etc.

I’ll stop there, but the sessions were full of more information. I always hope that:

  1. We continue to connect with events like this to keep abreast of these changes together.
  2. If you’re a real estate agent or team leader, these events are where your agents get some of the best real estate knowledge. The shared knowledge gives them an additional support system.
  3. If you’re a new or seasoned agent, what you learn at Inman Connect Now stays with you and your real estate career, as does this community. We’re here for you – all year and every month at Inman Connect Now.

We see us in March!

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