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66 questions when buying a home

As a First time buyerIt’s easy to feel overwhelmed even before you even begin your home buying journey. After all, this is a new process to you and you just don’t know what you don’t know. First of all, there are no stupid questions to ask at any stage of the buying process. So you can always ask a question, no matter how trivial you think. You owe it to yourself and your family to find out everything about a house, especially since it is most likely the biggest investment you will ever make. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of 66 questions to ask when buying a home. These are broken down into each stage of the buying process to keep you updated.

11 questions to ask before looking for a home

As you know, buy a house is a significant investment. Before you start looking for a home, consider your home ownership goals. Why do you want to buy a house?

  1. Do you want to earn equity and create wealth by owning a home?
  2. Do you expect to need more space for a future family?
  3. Do you have a pet or do you see one in the future and want a garden?
  4. Would you like to live in a quiet, established area or in a more lively place?
  5. Do you like gardening, gardening? How much space do you need in the garden?
  6. Did you consider the local schools and neighborhoods?
  7. Have you looked at the crime rates in the neighborhoods you are interested in?
  8. Is it important that you live near your work? Or is a shuttle service okay?
  9. Have you narrowed down a range of purchase prices that you can afford?
  10. How much money do you need for a deposit?
  11. Are you pre-approved for a mortgage?

If you are caught up in the excitement of house hunting, you may forget about the questions to ask when buying a home. If you are a pet owner looking at condominiums, you need to be sure that the homeowners association allows pets. Or let’s say you want to live in a popular downtown neighborhood but plan to have kids in a few years – will this neighborhood still meet your needs? It is always worth thinking about the type of house and area to focus your search.

Also, be aware that getting a home loan approved saves time for everyone by ensuring that you, the buyer, actually can afford the house and be able to follow through with an offer.

7 questions to ask when interviewing agents

Contacting the agent listed on the sale sign of a home you are interested in may not be the best way to protect your interest as a buyer. When you work with your own agent, that agent’s job is to advance your interests. They help with research in the house, find answers to all your questions and serve as a professional facilitator for communication with the agent and homeowner of the seller.

Of course you will want to Choose a great real estate agent that you are comfortable and that they have your best interests in mind. Most real estate professionals recommend interviewing at least three real estate agents identified based on recommendations from friends and family who have recently bought or sold a home. Here are some questions to ask potential agents to determine if they are the right agent for you.

  1. How long have you been a real estate agent?
  2. What experience do you have in this particular market area?
  3. Do you usually work with buyers or sellers?
  4. How do you usually communicate with customers? What can I expect for the response time?
  5. How do you help me find houses?
  6. What days and times are you usually available for demonstrations?
  7. How do you ensure transparency about any problems you see with a home?

Once you set your expectations for communication, home tours, and other information your agent will give you, you have a good chance of building a productive relationship right from the start to support you on your home buying journey.

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37 questions when traveling home

This is a long list, and not every question applies to every situation. For example, if you’re looking to buy a single family home, questions about condominiums don’t apply. However, this list of questions to ask when viewing your home should be a great way to get you started in making informed decisions when buying your first home.

  1. What is the reason for the sale? How long do the sellers live there?
  2. How long has the house been on the market?
  3. How is the neighborhood
  4. When was the house built?
  5. What are the property taxes?
  6. Are there any upcoming condo or homeowner association fees?
  7. What are the average ancillary costs?
  8. Have major repairs been carried out on the property? If so, do you know if a guarantee was given?
  9. Are there border disputes with neighbors?
  10. Are there shared driveways or common rooms?
  11. Are there public rights of way through or near the property?
  12. How old are the most important devices and systems?
  13. Are the devices included in the sale?
  14. What’s the sales history of this home and how would this affect my listing?
  15. Is there enough storage space? Room to grow?
  16. Are there any indications of water problems? Can you see damp drywall, basement floors, or open leaks? Can you smell powdery mildew Or does it smell of fresh paint that could cover up a water problem?
  17. Are the walls structurally sound? Look for cracks and for signs of cracks covered by wallpaper that doesn’t look right or paint that has been applied to the filler.
  18. Is the chimney in good condition?
  19. Are the windows loud? Does one of the glazing have to be replaced?
  20. Do the windows on the first floor have working bolts to lock the windows?
  21. Is the attic insulated? If so, when was the insulation installed?
  22. Is there soundproofing in the house? (Try looking at the house at different times to hear street noise or neighbors.)
  23. Are there working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms?
  24. Is there sufficient cell phone reception indoors? How is the broadband service in the region?
  25. What kind of system is used to heat and cool the house?
  26. Ask about the control box – is the wiring up to date?
  27. What is the condition of sockets and switches? (You can bring something to plug into test sockets.)
  28. Are all lights working? If not why not?
  29. Does the property have lead pipes? Do you see problems with pipes in need of repair?
  30. What type of drainage system does the property have? Is it in the city’s sewers or is there a septic tank?
  31. Is there asbestos on the property or has an asbestos inspection ever been carried out?
  32. What type of roof does the property have? When was it last replaced and what is the current condition?
  33. Do you see gutter leaks? Are the gutters cleaned or do they need work?
  34. Do trees grow within 15 feet of the property? Can you tell if roots are likely to be a problem?
  35. Which direction is the courtyard facing and is there a part of the courtyard that receives no sunlight all day?
  36. Would the real estate agent buy this home? If not why not?
  37. What is the lowest price you think we could offer for this home and still complete the transaction?

You can ask these questions – and others, if necessary – when buying a home to understand your likely total cost of owning that home. If you understand all of your costs, then you can safely do so Make an offer that you can afford.

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11 Questions To Ask When Getting An Offer And Closing A House

Real estate agents make deals on houses every day. Their job is to help you get the best deal while protecting you from potential risks in the transaction.

  1. How does the offer work? Do we communicate with the seller or the seller’s representative?
  2. Which contingent liabilities do you recommend including in the offer?
  3. How much money should we put in the offer?
  4. When do we need to provide serious money?
  5. When should we expect feedback from the seller?
  6. If we receive a counter offer, when do we have to respond?
  7. How can we sign the documents? Digital? Personally?
  8. What are the next steps if the offer is accepted?
  9. How far is the potential deadline from an accepted offer?
  10. What are our next steps once the offer is accepted?
  11. What do we do when we close?

Your real estate agent wants to make home buying as smooth as possible. If they don’t provide this information in advance, be sure to ask.

You should make a list of your own questions to ask when buying a home. This can include anyone listed here or others who represent your own interests and concerns. Answers to these questions will calm you down and help you understand what to expect at each stage of the buying process. Finishing your research is perfectly acceptable, but don’t skip the questions asked by your mortgage broker, real estate agent and Title company. When you have gathered enough information, you can make the best decision about buying your first home.


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