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How to Track Your Chase Freedom Flex 5% Cap Spending

One of Main advantages of the Chase Freedom Flex℠ Credit card is a rotating 5% earnings category. Each quarter, cardholders receive 5% cashback on up to $ 1,500 on combined purchases in select categories. That’s up to $ 300 in cashback a year.

The catch? Once you have passed the $ 1,500 spend threshold, you will only receive 1% cashback on further purchases in these categories. So it is important to know how much you spent on the limit. That way, you can switch to a credit card that has a higher return once you hit the cap.

How to keep track of your expenses for Chase Freedom Flex℠.

The Chase Freedom Flex℠ 5% merit categories

Between January and March 2021 Chase Freedom Flex℠ Cardholders earn 5% on:

  • Wholesale club purchases.

  • Internet, cable and telephone services.

  • Select Streaming Services.

However, the rest of the 2021 bonus categories won’t be announced until less than three weeks before the quarter begins.

This makes it difficult to plan your credit card strategy for the year. However, it allows Chase to remain flexible and offer categories that are particularly relevant to the time – from department stores around the holidays to choosing streaming services during the pandemic.

The most recent bonus categories include:

  • Q4 2020: Walmart and purchases through PayPal.

  • Q3 2020: Amazon and whole foods.

  • Q2 2020: Grocery stores, fitness club and gym membership, and selected streaming services.

  • Q1 2020: petrol stations; Internet, cable and telephone services; and choose Streaming Services.

3 steps to monitor your category spending

1. First, check that you have activated the quarterly cashback result

Sign up and pursue the Ultimate Rewards®

First, log into your Chase account and navigate to Chase Ultimate Rewards® landing page. If you have multiple Chase Ultimate Rewards® Chase Cards, you will need to select yours Chase Freedom Flex℠ from the list.


Once you’re signed in, click the menu button (represented by three lines) in the top left corner of the page. Then select “5% Categories” from the menu list.


On this page, Chase will indicate whether you have activated your 5% cashback for the quarter and the following quarter if the registry is open. Do this if you haven’t already. Just below the activation button for the current quarter you will find the expense tracker for that quarter.

This bar gives you a visual approximation of how close you are to the spending cap for the quarter. However, there are no details of your exact progress. Instead, you need to check another page.

There is only one place where Chase stated exactly how much you spent on the $ 1,500 quarterly spending cap.

2. Find the Reward Activity page

Navigate to Reward Activity Page. Then click the “5% Cashback” tab in the top menu to scroll down to the tracker.

Here are details on how much cashback you earned for the $ 75 cap. The numbers can be a bit confusing, however. The values ​​shown for each trader represent the 4% cashback bonus for the quarter and the 1% base income is shown separately.

However, you do not need to add these values ​​together to see the cashback earnings for your bonus category. In the example above, the cardholder earned $ 58.48 from their maximum cashback of $ 75 for the quarter.

3. Find out how much you can still spend on the cap

It takes some calculations to determine how much you can spend before you hit the spending cap.

Nerd tip: So far, subtract the amount of cashback earnings from $ 75. You need to divide that amount by 5% (0.05) to find out how much more you can spend before you hit the cap.

In the example above, we need to subtract $ 58.48 from $ 75. Then we divide the result of $ 16.52 by 5%, which gives us $ 330.40. This is the amount the cardholder can spend on bonus categories this quarter to maximize their cashback return.

Other bonus categories of the Chase Freedom Flex℠

While the two cards have similar names, the one is Chase Freedom Flex℠ is a major improvement over that Chase Freedom®.

The Chase Freedom® Also receive 5% cashback on up to $ 1,500 on combined purchases per quarter in select categories in select categories, but only 1% cashback on all other purchases. The Chase Freedom Flex℠However, this is enhanced by the following merit categories:

  • 5% on trips purchased through Chase Ultimate Rewards®.

  • 3% on restaurants, including snacks and eligible delivery services.

  • 3% on drugstore purchases.

Even if you decide to swap this card for a card with a higher yield after hitting the $ 1,500 cap in a quarter, it is wise to keep it handy for all of the above purchases.

The final result

To get the most out of yours Chase Freedom Flex℠You want to maximize your 5% cashback earnings every quarter. However, there are many cards that will earn more than 1% cashback on spending. Once you hit the $ 1,500 limit, consider switching to using a different card.

To improve your chances of maximizing your cashback earnings, continuously monitor your progress towards the spending cap each quarter from your Chase account.

How to Maximize Your Rewards

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