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Grandmillennial style is all the rage: how to embrace this design trend in your home

Millennials take a leaf out of their grandparents’ book with a modern and traditional decor style known as a grandmillennial. Identified as one of the Main design trends of this yearThe grandmillennial style is a throwback to the decor we all grew up with and saw in our grandparents’ homes. The look aims to add personality and eclectic accents with bold patterns and textures, as opposed to the minimalist, modern styles that have been on trend for years.

Whether you live in a modern home Los Angeles, Californiaor a cozy handyman in Seattle, WA, With a few simple additions, you can easily incorporate this design trend into your space. Here’s how you can perfectly implement the grandma-chic style in your home.

What is Grand Millennial Style?

The grandmillennial style, also known as “grandma chic,” is ideal for when you are reusing handcrafted decorative items or want to break away from the minimalist aesthetic trends on social media. Grandmillennial blends modern design trends – Scandinavian, modern, and minimalist – with retro elements to create a warmer, cozier approach to home decor with lots of colors and prints. This style is all about filling your space with items that make your personality shine.

Components that define the grandmillennial style

The key to achieving grandmillennial style is to combine vintage with modern items in your space. It’s about finding the right balance between the two – and not overdoing it – so you don’t have a room that’s more grandma than grandma chic. But where do you start Let’s break down the different elements that make up this popular home decor trend:

Patterned wallpaper

Patterns are important to achieve a millennial home design. Classic prints such as toile, chintz, chinoiserie or flowers are making a big comeback and can be integrated into your home design with curtains, upholstery or wall coverings. When using these bold patterns, keep the color palette light and consistent to avoid making your space look overly cluttered. The aim is for the room to look cozy and complex. A good rule of thumb when deciding which pattern to use is to consider the size of the room. The bigger the room, the bigger the pattern or print you can use. The smaller the room, the smaller the pattern.

subtle grandmillennial decor

Bold fabric patterns and colors

Patterns and bold colored fabric choices are great ways to add personality and a touch of whimsy to any room. You can experiment with different fabric options for your upholstery and curtains. This is a bigger statement than adding patterned blankets or pillows, although these are great layering pieces if you’re just trying the style. However, if you’re not ready to invest in a colorful couch, or if you’re new to the style, start with a smaller piece of furniture like an accent chair or ottoman.

Rattan or wicker

If you dip your toes in grandma-chic style, wicker and rattan furniture are great choices and blend seamlessly with any aesthetic.

Brass, porcelain and lots of texture

Achieve the grandma-chic look by using brass or gold tones – think of a Victorian-style brass mirror or gold candle holders. You can also use blue and white porcelain decor, e.g. B. a vase or decorative kitchen ware. Saving these types of decorative items from an antique or thrift store is a great way to achieve that unique vintage look.

Black wicker armchair with flower cushions

Dark stained wooden furniture

Wooden furniture in darker tones is at home in the grandmillennial style. Instead of trying to cover up the dark colored furniture that you already have with paint, keep them exactly as they are. Side tables, cabinets, or console tables made of walnut or cherry wood are great pieces of furniture in darker tones and can easily be found in thrift stores if you don’t already have one.


The grandmillennial style involves the use of embellishments. Think of embellishments like tassels, ruffles, pleats, and fringes. These embellishments can adorn any decor, from pillows and blankets to lampshades. As you test the trend, try using embellishments in complementary hues to your existing decor and add texture to your space.


What was once a pastime for your grandparents is now a hallmark of grandmillennial style. Needlepoint is experiencing its resurgence as a newly discovered hobby and collector’s item among millennials. You may even have already tucked away embroidered pillows and wall hangings for display. If you have a skilled hand with crafting, you can create your own embroidered pillow case or piece of art to display in a vintage picture frame or embroidered on a throw pillow as a cheeky saying.

Grandmillennial style frills

View your collections

While “knickknacks” used to be considered clutter, they are now an integral part of this emerging trend. Perhaps you are an avid collector of teacups, dishes, figurines, crystals or other pieces of jewelry or balls from China. Grandmillennial style, all of these items kept in the warehouse can be brought out and displayed to add a touch of grandma chic to your interior design. These exhibits can also include practical components such as vintage candle holders or old glasses used as plant holders. To keep the mix from looking cluttered, group similar items together for a cohesive look and pull your collection together.

The key to grandmillennial style is keeping it fresh

Decorating your home in the style of a millennium requires balance and it can be easy to go overboard. The goal is to find the right mix of an elegant, modern loft Manhattan, New Yorkand the cozy atmosphere in your grandparents’ house Phoenix, Arizona. But one step too far and it can look more grandma than grandmillennial. Instead of changing everything in your home at once, choose key elements in your home that make the most difference.


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