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These 10 asparagus recipes will make you fall in love with the spring vegetables

It’s not hard to see why there has been a lot of pressure to “eat seasonally” in recent years – summer strawberries and wintergreens have so much more flavor (and nutrients!) Than their off-season counterparts. Although you can find asparagus on grocery store shelves year-round, these spring vegetable are technically only in season from late April through June, and I’ve only recently started to appreciate their amazing versatility. That’s why I write about asparagus recipes.

From grilling thin spears at a family grill to shaving plump asparagus spears in salads, there’s plenty of room to experiment, and you really can’t go wrong with these naturally delicious vegetables. Click through the slides to see how many ways you can turn ordinary asparagus into extraordinary … or enjoy it in its simplest form. And I would like to know in the comments what is the best way to cook asparagus.
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Coriander black rice with toasted cloves of garlic and asparagus from dolly and oatmeal

Black rice paired with crunchy almonds and asparagus spears is a heavenly texture match. Drizzle with some good olive oil and add lemon juice for a piquant note.
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Lentil salad with spring greens, asparagus and a soft egg from the year in the diet

Use canned lentils to make this healthy lunch recipe with protein and flavor.
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Spring Panzanella Made from cinnamon and vanilla

This salad is the meaning of fresh. Shredded zucchini that looks almost like pasta, blanched asparagus tips, shaved fennel, garlic croutons, and watercress make a perfect lunch.
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Shaved Asparagus Salad from Nutrition Stripped

This recipe from nutritionist and leading voice in mindful eating, McKel Kooienga, MS, RDN, calls asparagus the warrior spear for its ability to ward off disease, fight inflammation, tame and balance blood sugar, and protect your body with antioxidants to fight freely Radical. That’s a good reason to make this salad for lunch!
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Spring buckwheat salad from the green kitchen stories

If you’re not used to cooking with buckwheat, familiarize yourself with it because it’s such a nutritious cereal for lunch – and for stuffing too! This can be served warm or cold (depending on when you make the buckwheat) and is so delicious with the grilled asparagus mixed in.
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Roasted white asparagus and caper berries from my new roots

We often eat the green variety, but white asparagus is just as if it wasn’t more delicious than its sister vegetable. This one is a great starter.
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Simple asparagus and ramp soup with rustic spelled bread from the first mess

We have a thing for soup at Camille Styles’ headquarters – we just can’t get enough of them and they’re so easy to make! If you’ve never seen asparagus as a soup vegetable, think again and try this deliciously simple version with bread.8 of 10Orecchiette with peas, asparagus and mascarpone from the blooming gourmet

Nothing says spring like peas and asparagus. Paired with one of our favorite bowls from the past, you have a recipe for Flavor Town.
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Asparagus cake with walnuts and parmesan from not without salt

We’re all about sweet cakes, but this savory version makes us rethink it completely. Try it and taste the difference for yourself. The homemade crust is particularly tasty. You will be back for seconds.
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Lola Rosa, Asparagus, Fava Bean and Radish Salad with Crushed Mulberry and Basil Vinaigrette from Lemon Fire Brigade

This is all the spring bonus in one dish and we are not crazy about it. The shredded mulberry and basil vinaigrette really takes it to the next level.

This post was originally published on April 17, 2015 and has been updated since then.


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