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Nice weekend.

What are you doing this weekend? We have lasagna tonight and we watch the Warriors game. (Toby got me into basketball!) Hope you have a good one – stay safe – and here are a few links from the internet …

How to Help People in Texas. Send love.

The supernova trailer looks amazing.

As a mother who stayed at home.

That headline made me laugh.

A possibly wonderful summer. (!)

You can wear pajamas all day.

I feel moved by these tiny love stories. (New York Times)

Broccoli melts for lunch, yes please.

“I’m a quick afternoon stroll and you’re putting way too much pressure on me.” hahaha

Issa Rae is great.

Plus three reader comments:

Let’s say Whitney gives me life about these four comedians: “The Mike Birbiglia stand-up special on Netflix, The New One, is so well done! His storytelling is masterful and this one was really fun but beautiful in many ways. I don’t want to spoil anything, but the ending is just perfect. “

Lilly about her travel fantasy: “I was so desperate early on in the pandemic that I started collecting various livestream webcams in Norway, the Swiss Alps, as you call it. They are the best! Lo and behold, a cozy bay in Liguria, Italy. And my newest discovery: live walks! It’s a YouTube genre of its own, I had no idea! For example, this is a channel that shows random walks around Paris, including the original sound. It’s the most amazing thing; Highly recommended if you have cabin fever. “

B. Over 15 great reader comments on sex: “I just wanted to reach out to someone in happy relationships who doesn’t have a particularly active sex life. My boyfriend and I have been together for a decade and are incredibly happy together. We don’t have high sex drives and it works for us! I often see this setup as a problem and wanted to address anyone in the comments who may feel left out. We’re all different and it’s cool. “

(Photo by Pnwonderland / Instagram.)


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