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Pulse: What’s the most painful part of the digital transaction?

From online demonstrations to purely digital signatures and deals, the digital transaction has blossomed to the full. Throughout the month Inman explores the companies and technologies that are driving this new world of digital transactions.

Pulse is a recurring column in which we conduct a weekly survey asking readers’ views on various topics and reporting on our results.

The outbreak of the pandemic led to the digitization of real estate transactions – from hosting that first virtual show to signing these closing documents. As we pointed out in last week’s poll (and as our readers reiterated), there is much to be thanked for the digital tools that have helped the industry during a turbulent time.

But there is also a lot that could be better. To understand the current vulnerabilities, we turn to readers and ask that you review your biggest problems, issues and nuisances in digital transactions. What bothers you (and maybe even your customers)? What is an area that could be addressed and improved?

We’ll be putting together a list of the top answers and posting it on Inman next Tuesday.


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