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12 avocado toast recipes that look as good as they taste

Just when you thought you couldn’t be looking at another avocado toast on your Instagram feed, an entire post about it comes up. Because the fact is, no matter how trendy it may be, we still love each other an avocado toast, and its permeation only got us creative with new flavor combinations and inventive toppings. Avo Toast has just the right amount of good fats and energizing carbs for you, plus the fact that it takes 5 minutes or less to put together makes it pretty much the perfect breakfast. Just in time to plan the weekend brunch, I have put together my 12 favorite recipes for avocado toast. Click through to see them all … thank me later.
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Avocado toast with a simple poached egg, a pinch delicious.
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Avocado Toast with Spring Vegetables & Tahini, feed me Phoebe.
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Avocado Toast with Superfood Tapenade, 101 Cookbooks.
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Avocado Almondaise Tartines, Love & Lemons.
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Avocado Toast with Egg & Frisée, Julia Gartland for CamilleStyles.com.
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Avocado toast with gorgonzola, pears and roasted walnuts, how sweet eats.
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Avocado toast with egg, radish and mustard, Kwestia Smaku.
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Dukkah avocado toast, he’s fine.
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Mexican Grilled Corn Avocado Toast, How Sweet Eats.
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Shaved Asparagus Coriander Tahini Avocado Toast, Salt & Wind.
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Toasted bagel with dill cream cheese and avocado, do not feed after midnight.
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Avocado Radish Toast, Julia Gartland for CamilleStyles.com.


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