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Agents can “buy now, pay later” at Rental Beast

ECommission’s Access Service enables agents to provide up to $ 1,000 in future commission for participating products and services.

An online rental listing platform enables real estate agents to count on their future success to benefit from their service.

Rental Beast, based in Somerville, Massachusetts, which has a database of nearly 9 million rental properties not included in multiple listing services, has partnered with upfront commission firm eCommission to offer brokers the option of a one-year or two-year rental Purchase Rental Beast subscription using future commissions instead of cash or credit. The national listing site Homesnap launched the Access service in June with eCommission.

With Access, agents can spend up to $ 1,000 on participating products and services with a future commission. If an agent earns a commission on a deal and pays back their order within 90 days, access is free. If it takes longer to close, the agent’s balance will be charged a fee of 0.03 percent per day. This emerges from an FAQ on the eCommission website.

“Even if it took you a year to complete your next sale, that’s only 10.9 percent annual interest – far less than the average credit card rate of 24.9 percent,” the FAQ says.

In a press release, Rental Beast said the partnership will help agents build a sustainable rental business.

“In this challenging environment, real estate agents need tools to thrive, including flexible payment options,” said Ishay Grinberg, founder and CEO of Rental Beast, in a statement. “We believe this is especially critical for new agents who have instant access to a tool that can significantly increase their revenue. We’re excited to make it easier for agents to incorporate Rental Beast into their businesses. “

Access, which eCommission describes as “Buy First Property Now, Pay Later”, will be available Wednesday at Rental Beast.

“Access gives agents the flexibility to invest in their business today without having to come out of their pockets,” said Sean Whaling, founder and CEO of eCommission, in a statement.

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