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How to find out about races – even if it’s uncomfortable.

Wellness is much more than just clean food. We take a holistic approach to restore our spaces, thoughts, bodies and hearts in a small but powerful way. Introduction to the RE: SET Challenge – A 21 Day Plan for a Healthier, Happier Person. Click here for the full list. Next, how to be anti-racist.

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When it comes to learning something new, I want to dive headfirst overnight. However, I’ve learned from experience that the best lessons are learned gradually. They require openness, patience, forgiveness, and time. Learning about races is no different. Finding out about inferiority, oppression, and black history will not happen overnight. How to be an anti-racist is not easy.

“A shallow understanding of people of goodwill is more frustrating than an absolute misunderstanding of people of goodwill. Lukewarm acceptance is much more confusing than outright rejection. “

– Martin Luther King Jr.

The work is hard and the transition from comfort to discomfort is difficult. The first step starts with curiosity: Why do I feel uncomfortable? Why did I choose neutrality? Thinking about these questions and analyzing your own way of thinking is critical to understanding. Allyship begins by recognizing that “I am not racist” is not the answer. What we need is advocacy, support and passion for combating systemic racism.

Below are the tools and perspectives I’ve gathered to help you embrace and embody anti-racism.

If you keep scrolling past this point, thank you for being ready to feel uncomfortable.

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Texture Diaries – This column, curated by Akili King, is a space for black women and shows how acceptance of hair played a vital role on their path to self-love. Each week, women from different industries talk about their favorite hair rituals, products, and the biggest lessons they have learned.

Yrsa Daley Ward – Yrsa Daley Ward is a writer from the West Indies and West Africa. She has an Instagram that will enlighten you.

Carrie Mae Weems – One of the most influential contemporary artists, Carrie May Weems is as graceful in real life as she is on canvas. Your work is simply productive and worth every minute of your time. Check out my favorite series, The Kitchen Table Series, here.

Rosa Rebellion – Founded in Austin, Virginia Cumberbatch and Meagan Harding, Rosa founded Rebellion for creative activism by and for women in color. Your REBEL + REST initiative offers women of color the space to live happier, more peaceful and free lives. Read Virginia’s Message to White Austin here.

Black coffee with white friends – Marcie Walker curated this multimedia platform “for the curious and the hopeful”. With playlists, resource lists, personal essays, and a carefully curated Instagram feed, Black Coffee with White Friends will calm and enliven you.

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Loser, Verdict: Surya Bonali – Surya Bonaly wowed figure skating fans with her skill, but being black in a predominantly white sport made it difficult to be judged fairly on the world stage. This documentary uses exercise as a guide to examine the psychology of losing when people find ways to deal with mistakes. With this lens, Surya finally gets the notoriety she deserves.

Sophia Roe – The traumatized writer and cook Sophia Roe is a must see. Her IGTV is filled with open, thoughtful, unedited conversations on topics like colorism, code switching, and the meaning of language.

The Black Power Mixtape – Swedish journalists guide you through a 16mm roll of film that tells you the stories of urban riots and revolutions from 1967-1975.

When they see us – This American crime miniseries is not for the faint of heart. Five young, black and Latin American teenagers were wrongly convicted of assaulting a jogger in Central Park in 1989. Raw and heartbreaking, this portrayal of the case challenges you to reconsider the importance of justice in America.

Queen and Slim – Cinematic, passionate and devastating, this film reveals every human emotion: from anger to love to grief.

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Rachel Ricketts Online Courses – Rachel Ricketts is an activist, public speaker, healer, and writer. She meaningfully teaches White Folx about her role in maintaining white supremacy and helps BI & PoC and Mixed Folx heal from internalized oppression. Their offers are practical solutions for all “Hue-Mxns” in order to reduce racist heteropatriarchy.

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Carver Museum – The African American presence in 19th century Texas focuses on black life in 19th century Texas. Says Senior Curator, Carre Adams, “We are looking at the original narratives of formally enslaved blacks. Investigate the presence of African Americans in the Texan legislature and examine the development of the freelance communities in and around Texas. “

Elisabet Ney – “On August 18, 1920, the nineteenth amendment was ratified that gave women in the United States the right to vote. It was an arduous campaign to reach that milestone, and in fact it wasn’t until August 6, 1965, when the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was passed that all American citizens were guaranteed to have this privilege. In SUFFRAGE NOW: A 19th Anniversary of Change Exhibition at the Elisabet Ney Museum, women photographers across the country were invited through an open call to share photos that comment on the historic occasion, even if it may be imperfect. “See our own piece by Riley Blanks here.

This post was originally published on August 11, 2020 and has been updated since then.

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