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What is your love language

The concept of love languages ​​has been around for nearly 30 years and it has been featured in 8 million blog posts since then. But! We’ve never talked about it at Cup of Jo and I look forward to yours. I was on the phone with my boyfriend this week …

And she told me a fascinating story.

When you need a refresher on how to give and receive love, describe the five love languages. They include:

Words of affirmation
Quality time
Received gifts
Acts of service
physical touch

To find out what your love language is, think about why you feel most valued – or, on the other hand, why you feel unloved when it is absent. You can also take this online quiz.

Love languages ​​are really helpful in any relationship – significant others, siblings, parents, children, friends, co-workers. And what’s fascinating is that two people in a relationship may have different love languages. What makes you feel loved may not be the same as what makes your partner feel loved.

On the phone, my friend told me how she once picked up her husband’s chemically cleaned shirts, brought them home and hung them on the bedroom door. When he saw her, he turned to her and said, “You love me.”

Another time she wrote a long list of reasons why she loved him, from his brilliant mind to his dark, wavy hair. “He was cute but he could hardly read it,” she laughs now. “It made him so uncomfortable. At the time I thought, “What’s wrong with him?” But now I know that his love language are not words of affirmation – they are acts of service. “

My love language is definitely a word of affirmation – I want to know that I am loved a thousand times a day, I am so needy! But I am not at all interested in gifts or acts of service. Alex is definitely physical touch and words of affirmation.

What is your love language When you’re in a relationship, is it the same as your partner’s?

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